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Expert Team Oblique amblyopia

  • Wang Chenghu  M.D.

    Wang Chenghu M.D.

    MD, Deputy director of the physician, Lecturer

    Member of the ophthalmology department of the Chinese Medical Association Youth Committee and the visual health branch of the China International Association for the promotion of medical and health care

  • Prof Xu Xinmeng

    Prof Xu Xinmeng

    Professor Chief physician

    Member of Jiangsu Ophthalmology Group of Chinese Medical Association; Member of Jiangsu Malpractice Appraising Committee; Member of Jiangsu Child Care Group of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association

  • Dr Cai Jianghuai

    Dr Cai Jianghuai

    Deputy Chief Physician, Director of Outpatient Department, Deputy Director of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus and Amblyopia Department

    Oblique amblyopia,Pediatric Ophthalmology