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Prof Xu Xinmeng

Professor Chief physician
Member of Jiangsu Ophthalmology Group of Chinese Medical Association; Member of Jiangsu Malpractice Appraising Committee; Member of Jiangsu Child Care Group of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association

Expert Introduction

Dr. Xu graduated from Nanjing Medical University in 1970 and she had worked on clinical ophthalmology in Grade III Class A hospital for 31 years. The project “Research on Strabismus and Amblyopia of Children” in the charge of her has been awarded the municipal Scientific Research Achievement Prize in 1985, and her paper “Separation and Remaining of Anterior Ciliary Vessels in Strabismus Microsurgery” and “Analysis on Ultrasound in Axial Length and Refractive State of Preschool Children” have been awarded the second and third prize of municipal Excellence Award, respectively. Dr. Xu has been awarded such honorary titles as the municipal Excellent Scientific Worker in 1990 and the provincial Advanced Individual of “Vision First——China in Action” in 2000, and she has also been commended by municipal government for her outstanding contribution to ophthalmology in 1992. She is an authoritative expert in the field of refraction, strabismus and amblyopia correction of children and eye care of children in Jiangsu Province.

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