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The Eye Hospital of Nanjing Medical University is also called the Affiliated Eye Hospital of Nanjing Medical University and Jiangsu Province Red Cross Eye Hospital. It is the first specialized eye hospital that has been awarded the rank of Grade III Class A in Jiangsu Province, and it is not only the National Key Clinical Specialty but also the National Medical Institution Conducting Clinical Trials for Human Used Drug (GCP). The hospital, which covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters, is a non-profit specialized eye hospital integrating medical care, education and research with significant influence in the domestic.


The hospital has a staff of more than 200, of which 24 have been rated as associate professors (associate chief physicians) or above, including 12 professors (chief physicians), 12 associate professors (associate chief physicians), 8 doctors, 2 doctoral supervisors and 6 master’s supervisors. More than 10 experts in the hospital concurrently serve as Vice President, Chairman of Committee, Committee Member and other positions in such academies and associations as Chinese Medical Association and Jiangsu Medical Association.


The hospital is the chairman of ophthalmology branch of Jiangsu Association of Integrative Medicine and the chairman of laser medicine of Jiangsu Medical Association. Additionally, it is the first eye hospital that has been awarded the National Key Clinical Specialty in Jiangsu. It is also Jiangsu standardized training base for residents, Jiangsu demonstration base of eye-care education for primary and secondary school students, the designated hospital for the healthcare of cadre in Nanjing and the whole Jiangsu, the key
specialty in Nanjing and the key discipline of Nanjing Medical University.

Eleven specialized departments, such as Ocular Fundus Department, Cataract Department, Glaucoma Department and Keratopathy Department, have been set up in the hospital, and most of them were established at the earliest in Jiangsu . There are 120 authorized beds in the hospital which can be added to 164 beds available. The hospital serves more than 240,000 outpatients every year who come from over 20 provinces and cities (districts), such as Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangxi, Tibet and Xinjiang.


The hospital is the training base (site) for master’s and doctor’s degree of Nanjing Medical University. It is also Jiangsu training and examining base for optometrists . Department of ophthalmology and optometry has been established, offering four-year program of ophthalmology and optometry for bachelor degree of science and five-year program of ophthalmology and optometry for bachelor degree of medicine . The experts in the hospital have participated in editing many national textbooks, such as Ophthalmology and Optometry Theory and Methods.


The largest provincial ophthalmologic laboratory, which is also the key laboratory of Nanjing Medical University, has been built in the hospital. The teaching laboratory for clinical optometry was built by the central and local governments. In recent years, the hospital has held eight projects funded by National Natural Science Founds and participated in many other national and provincial projects, such as national "973" project, three projects funded by Jiangsu Natural Science Funds, Jiangsu top-six talents Peak Project, Jiangsu Qinglan Project, two projects funded by Jiangsu post-doctoral Funds and other nine projects in Nanjing. We have won the First Prize of Achievements in Scientific Research of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Third Prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Prize, four Advancement Awards of Jiangsu Medical Science and Technology Prize and two Technology Advancement Prizes awarded by Jiangsu Health Department.


56 SCI theses have been published with a total impact factors of 203.072, including one thesis with impact factor exceeding 10 points and 17 theses with impact factor more than five points.


 The hospital has undertaken many national academic conferences, such as "National Annual Academic Conference on Laser Medicine","Jinling Ophthalmology Forum" and "Classes for Stubborn Fundus Diseases Discussion" organized by Chinese Medical Association and Jiangsu Medical Association, and has kept wide international academic communication and cooperation with Harvard University, Brown University, Providence College, Nagoya University and Sugita Eye Hospital.


The hospital insists that we should provide the best service for all patients, make great efforts to cultivate high-level talents, strive for scientific innovation and abide by the hospital motto, trying to become a first-class modern eye hospital in China that is also renowned in the world.