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Characteristic Clinic: Dry-Eye Clinic

The Dry-Eye Clinic has introduced dry-eye integrated analyzer, photon laser and other advanced technical equipments. Qualitative and staged treatment can be performed by means of dry-eye integrated analyzer, and we are the first to provide photon therapy for patients with dry-eye in Jiangsu province. Photon laser,combined with drugs, laser massage on meibomian gland and atomized hot compress, has been used to stimulate the activation and regeneration of cells in meibomian gland and lacrimal gland and to dredge meibomian gland duct, promoting lacrimal secretion and reaching the goal of effective dry-eye treatment.


Characteristic Clinic: Trifocal Presbyopia Clinic

We have taken the lead in establishing trifocal presbyopia cataract surgery center in Jiangsu and used advanced femtosecond laser, scarless surgical navigation and trifocal intraocular lens implantation to treat cataract, myopia and presbyopia at standard and professional level, helping middle-aged and elderly patients out of the visual trouble caused by presbyopia.


Characteristic Clinic: Visual Function Training Clinic

We are the first to establish the 3-D and 4-D multimedia visual function training center and we help children with ametropia and low vision do visual function training, further making the treatment for ametropia, strabismus and amblyopia more scientific, normalized and systematic.


Characteristic Clinic: MCT/RGP Orthokeratology Lens Clinic

We use RGP and brand-new digitized orthokeratology lens technology to control and ease myopia of children.

Characteristic Clinic: Excimer Laser Clinic for Myopia

We are one of the hospitals that have early performed excimer laser to correct myopia. In order to meet the requirements of patients who need excimer laser for myopia correction, the hospital has constantly introduced advanced technical equipments such as Zeiss VisuMax full-femtosecond laser, U-vision femtosecond laser surgical platform, Ziemer Femto LDV and Germany SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS excimer laser system. The full-femtosecond laser surgery, optimized femtosecond LASIK surgery and personalized femtosecond LASIK surgery performed by our hospital are the world-class leading technologies.