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Expert Team Keratopathy

  • Prof  Jiang Qin

    Prof Jiang Qin

    President, Doctor, Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor

    Member of Jiangsu Political Consultative Conference; Standing Committee Member of Ophthalmologist Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association; Standing Committee Member of Ophthalmology Committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine; Committee Member of Blindness Prevention Group of Ophthalmology Branch of Chinese Medical Association; Co...

  • Vice president Xue Jingsong

    Vice president Xue Jingsong

    Vice president,Chief physician,Master's tutor

    Member of Ophthalmology section of the Chinese Medical Association laser branch,Chinese Ophthalmology and Ophthalmology Association, ophthalmology and optometry group,Deputy head of Ophthalmology Department of laser medicine branch of Jiangsu Medical Association,Member of the cornea group of the ophthalmology branch of the Jiangsu Medical Associati...

  • Dr Shi Yao

    Dr Shi Yao

    Associate Chief Physician

    Member of Jiangsu Ophthalmology Branch of Chinese Medical Association; Member of Ocular Fundus Disease Group of Jiangsu Medical Association

  • Dr Cai ShiShi

    Dr Cai ShiShi

    Deputy chief physician

    Manual nucleus fragmentation, small incision cataract extraction, nasolacrimal duct anastomosis, glaucoma iridectomy, entropion correction, double eyelid surgery, eye plastic surgery, etc