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The Ocular Fundus Disease Department in the hospital is well-known with significant influence in East China and it specializes in such diseases as retinopathy, maculopathy, optic neuropathy and ocular neoplasm. The hospital is the first in Jiangsu to perform advanced therapeutic methods like minimally invasive vitrectomy for complicated vitreous retinal diseases, multipoint matrix and micropulse laser for vascular diseases in fundus and PDT photodynamic therapy and intraocular injection therapy to delay and control the macular choroidal neovascularization, so that patients can receive the most advanced medical care both at home and aboard in Jiangsu Province.

The hospital has four independently innovative clinical technologies, namely intraocular ligation of vasa vasorum for retinal angioma, autologous internal limiting membrane filling for congenital optic disc pit with retinal detachment, posterior scleral reinforcement surgery for foveal retinoschisis in highly myopic eyes, and macular buckle combined with vitrectomy for retinal detachment caused by macular white hole in highly myopic eyes, which have reached advanced international levels. The retinal vitrectomy, which is considered to be the most difficult surgery in the field of ophthalmology, accounts for 45% of in-patient surgeries.