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Expert Team Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Dr Zhong Yuanming (TCM)

    Dr Zhong Yuanming (TCM)

    Chief Chinese physician, Master tutor of Chinese medicine in jiangsu province,Master supervisor.

    Vice chairman of the national ear acupuncture professional committee, Chairman and honorary chairman of jiangsu ear acupuncture professional committee, Vice president of jiangsu province and nanjing acupuncture and moxibustion society.

  • Prof He Huiqing(TCM)

    Prof He Huiqing(TCM)

    Nanjing famous traditional Chinese medicine,Director of traditional Chinese medicine, Professor, master tutor

    Member of Ophthalmology branch of Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine, chairman of Ophthalmology otolaryngology branch of Nanjing society of traditional Chinese medicine, and vice chairman of Ophthalmology branch of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine of Jiangsu Province.