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In the hospital, there are 11 specialized departments like Ocular Fundus Department, Cataract Department and Glaucoma Department as well as some characteristic clinics for dry eye, trifocal presbyopia and so on. The hospital was approved to be the National Medical Institution Conducting Clinical Trials for Human Used Drug (GCP) in 2017 and it was approved to be the National Key Clinical Specialty in 2018. There are 120 authorized beds in the hospital which can be added to 164 beds available with the annual outpatient visits reaching 240,000 and the number of operation reaching 10,000. The proportion of inpatients from other provinces and cities except Nanjing are 22% and 69%, respectively.


Clinical Departments

Ocular Fundus Department, Cataract Department, Glaucoma Department, Eye Traumas Department, Keratopathy Department, Strabismus and Amblyopia Department for Children, Lacrimal Duct Department, Orbital Department, Ophthalmology and Optometry Department, Medical Cosmetology Department and Traditional Chinese Medicine Depeartment

Characteristic Clinics

Dry Eye Clinic, Trifocal Presbyopia Clinic, Visual Function Training Clinic, MCT/RGP Clinic and Excimer Laser Clinic for Myopia